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Clever Jeff’s “My Lady” single is a soulful and sexy ballot perfect for setting a romantic mood. All music arranged, performed and produced by Clever Jeff and Fatius Walker Records.

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My Lady

Now I, I never knew someone quite like you baby
Now I, I admire all the things you do
Let me ask you one thing, girl
Can I just say a little something
Baby, you’re driving me crazy, would you be my lady
Now you, you’re one of a kind, in my mind darlin
Aw, I said you you you you you you you’re blowin my mind
Your lovin feels so fine
Let me tell you one thing
Can I tell you this one thing
Baby, you’re drivin me crazy, would you be my lady
I said baby, you’re drivin me crazy, would you be my lady
When we make love its so wonderful
I mean it feels so beautiful
I feel your soul all around me baby
Well, you’re so warm inside
Just like the sunshine that cleared up my cloudy life
I think you’re supposed be th one to be my wife
It feels so good when you say my name
Would you be my lady
My lady lady lady lady
My lady lady lady lady
My lady lady lady lady lady


About Clever Jeff
As an independent artist, Jeff strives to create music with meaning that both moves the feet and heals the soul. Growing up in a household rich with music, his early influences included Roy Ayers, Slave, Ohio Players, Earth Wind and Fire, Parliament, George Clinton and the full roster of soul, r&b, funk and jazz artists. His mother was a singer. His uncles were musicians. By age ten, Jeff was joining in and playing in the jam sessions in the family living room. A talented free-style emcee, Jeff began writing down his rhymes in his late teens. Later on he found his signature singing voice which is described as soulful, honest, smooth and sexy.

In 1993 Jeff caught the attention of Quincy Jones who signed him to his Reprise/Warner Brothers imprint, Qwest Records. 1994′s “Jazz Hop Soul” on Qwest/Reprise spawned several regional hits and much critical acclaim. He has continued to release albums independently over the past 2 decades under his own label, Fatius Walker Records.

Based in Oakland, Clever Jeff writes, arranges, performs and produces all music on his albums. Similar artists include: Guru, CL Smooth, Roots, Mos Def, Sadat X, J Dilla, Gang Starr, Common, Tribe Called Quest, Lauryn Hill, John Legend… Jeff has a classic MC style, reminiscent of the early 90′s golden age of hip-hop.


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